VideoForge - Digital Video Generator

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The VideoForge HDMI® digital video generator is a feature-rich, economical test pattern generator designed for field application convenience, but provides many features that have previously been available only in design and engineering bench-type generators. The VideoForge provides the HDMI® video signals you need for testing, calibrating and servicing video displays, including 3D displays. The VideoForge delivers high quality HDMI® video and RGB monitor signals with versatile 2D and 3D test patterns to give you confidence in your display testing and calibration.

Flexible and Modern Control Interface

The VideoForge’s features three distinct control interfaces. First the VideoForge utilizes a modern XML-RPC control interface for automated control. Second, the VideoForge features an Adobe Flash® based control panel for interactive control. Finally, the VideoForge can be controlled with a programmable infrared remote for standalone operation.

Full 3D Support

The VideoForge’s features full 3D support - every pattern can be displayed in a 3D video format. The standard patterns will show the same image in both left and right eye frames. True stereo patterns are available from JPG and PNG files on the SD card. The VideoForge allows on/off gating for left and right eye images independently - allowing for testing and measurement of stereo separation or left/right crosstalk.


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