Joe Kane Production's Pattern Set for the VideoForge

We are pleased to introduce Joe Kane Production's pattern set for the VideoForge digital video generator. This pattern set adds a total of 212 unique patterns to the VideoForge generator. Many of these patterns are also available on the famous "Digital Video Essentials" DVD series. However, due to the uncompressed handling of the patterns on the VideoForge, they are much higher quality - even than available on Blu-Ray disc.


The JKP pattern set also includes new 3D patterns that are very effective in evaluating the performance of today's 3D capable displays. Joe Kane has been very proactive in developing these patterns in order to give technicians and engineers the tools they need to identify problems with the display, make adjustments, and make good recommendations to their customers. Without this type of "proof of performance" pattern tests, it is difficult or impossible to determine whether problems are with the content, the display, or simply a poor calibration and setup.


The full instruction manual and pattern documentation is available for download here.


To order your copy of the JKP pattern set for internet download please contact your AVFoundry distributor. You will need to enter the serial number for your VideoForge generator in the paypal order form. Please allow 2 to 3 business days to create the unique pattern set for your generator.


You will receive an email with a download link from AVFoundry. This will be a downloadable .zip file containing the full pattern set (~100 megabytes). In order to use these patterns, you will need to extract the .zip file and copy the contents to an SD card. Once the patterns have been saved to the SD card, insert the SD card into the VideoForge. The patterns will be available in the pattern selection drop-down menu.


1) Can I use the patterns on any VideoForge?
The patterns will be uniquely encrypted to only work with a single VideoForge generator. If you put the SD card in the wrong generator, they will not appear in the pattern list.

2) Can I put other patterns on the SD card with the JKP set?
Yes, as long as the patterns have unique file names, you can put as many patterns on an SD card as will fit.